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Today I Created Her

I’ve seen images in my mind, and I feel what I see deeply. I’ve turned to writing poetry to express these images to others. I’ve yearned to create them myself. Knowing that my poems would never full express what I see and what I feel, I’ve nevertheless dedicated myself to creating. Sometimes, when the words are right, or they’re read right, or the light is right, the meaning comes across. Then, others feel what I feel.

There is no greater joy than gifting to someone I care about, you–the reader–the magic that an image in my mind brings to me.

Enter Mid-Journey, an AI tool which turns words into images. Suddenly, it is as if I were gifted with another sense. I can create images that match my feelings and bring to life ideas so vividly and clearly that anyone can appreciate them. This inspires me to create and frees me to imagine ideas unencumbered by language.

Today I created this young woman; I brought her into being through my language. The AI gave her life. This is the first of many works I’ll share with you. I am grateful you’re on the journey with me, and without further ado, let me introduce you to her:

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