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Gnarled trees, originally uploaded by N. Lee the Adequate.

I just read this article on CNN that discussed a suicide note that a US soldier, suffering from PTSD, left behind. One of the soldiers dreams was to move to a milder climate, like Seattle, rather than the heat of Arizona. This moved me because of its lack of grandeur. His dream wasn’t “I want to win 1 billion dollars or play in the Super Bowl.” It’s a practical dream with grounded by a desire to improve an every day situation.
Recently, I’ve been surrounded by people with huge, buzz-word dreams the size of winning the Nobel Prize or changing the political direction of a country for the better. While those are valuable, this solders note, haunted by memories of war, made me appreciate the smaller dreams I occasionally overlook.
In that spirit of smaller dreams, here’s a few of mine:
1. Write and share poems more frequently, and maybe perform a few
2. Interview, on camera, people close to me asking them questions about their life and mine
3. Teach a short story to children or adults in a way that brings it to life
4. Have a picnic with friends in the summer
5. Conduct a “teach-in” on a cause a small group of people I like care about and invite friends to share their perspectives
6. Listen mindfully as a part of my own spiritual practice
7. Write a letter and make CDs for people I care about (high school throw back).
8. Host another Rubber Chicken event

There is a list just as important as a bucket list, and this list is filled with the choices we face every day. By being aware of these small dreams and taking advantage of them, so much potential & happiness can be unlocked.

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