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I am drawn to artists who create unforgettable worlds, whose imagination lives vividly in the characters they create, and whose sense of poetry and play pervades the screen. That’s why @ThisisaRobot’s work captivated me from the moment I experienced it.

He’s made a world that’s unlike any other I’ve explored. In it, vibrant, animated characters intertwine in embrace, some praying, others groovin’. He places us in his world not as outsiders—not as spectators of the exotic staring at animals in a zoo, but rather as welcome guests invited to his strange feast. Here the monsters are approachable, baby demons adorable, and the landscape vibrates with energy. I interviewed the artist recently about his work and inspiration:

Q: What was your creative life like before blockchain?

A: I have been running my own Imagination Studio for 10 years now, doing creative direction and design for various brands and advertising agencies. In the last 5 years I focused on creating character based IPs.

Q: How have NFTs changed your work and personal world?

A: It changed that it created a new source of income for my own work, and a new way to connecting with other artists and collectors. It is been a real rollercoaster ride, ups and downs. 

Q: What about the Tezos ecosystem called to you?

A: Last year I had not idea that it existed, then my friend James Patterson aka @presstube, invited me to join hicetnunc and sent me 1 tezos to start minting my work. Since then I never left 🙂 

Q: How have you seen it evolve?

A: I have seen the beginning driven by passionate artists, all pushing the limits of their arts and trying to innovate. Art was first. Then it slowly turned into this foam race where people started to think about gain firsts and art in the second place. Now we are seeing how all changed compared to how it started.

Q: What are you interested in exploring with your work that you haven’t yet tried?

A: I would like to add interaction to my work, so I am learning new softwares that allow me to do that. I would like to create interactive experiences with my characters and my worlds.

Q: How did you create Baby Demon and can I adopt it?

A: I was going through a dark phase of my works, was into doing a collection of demons and dark themed animations, so to break it up I decided that I needed to work on something super uber cute, and little demon came to be. I don’t suggest you to do it, it is a hard one to take care of 🙂

This is a Robot’s Work

Q: What is your daughter’s reaction to your work?

A: She is always around my studio, drawing, singing, playing, watching what I do and giving me ideas. Baby Demon with twinkle little star was her idea, I just made it for her 🙂

Q: What’s a lesson about NFTs you wish you knew earlier?

A: Don’t rush! never rush! take your time, and act only when it feels right.

Q: Where do your best ideas come from?

A: Ideas come when I am not thinking about them 🙂

Yoshinami cityscape

Q: What do you wish more people understood about your work?

A: I wish that they appreciate the effort and the amount of passion and dedication I put into them. Hope they understand that there is a bigger story that has been told, that connects them all.

Q: What do you do when you’re not creating NFTs?
A: I am in nature and play with my daughter

Since the interview, ThisisaRobot has been invited to SuperRare.

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