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The Walk

Surrounded for Illuminations, originally uploaded by mrhayata.

The woman I loved walked into the sea with
Her black hair, white clothing, a note to me

She walked from her village
Small toes against cold rocks
She walked passed men awakened by her beauty

And women doing the wash
She walked with a note to me

Into the sea she went
small toes into the wet sand
into the sea she went
tan legs, neck, nose submerged
and the note from me lost
to the sea.

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He Talks to Trees

Tree #1, originally uploaded by Lance Shields.

1. Do you know how to talk to trees?
2. No.
1. First, you acknowledge them, show them you are listening.
(pause) Then you touch their bark, and they will listen to you.
2. Do you talk with trees often?
1. Yes, they are my children.

I wonder if the tree see him, as he sees them.
I wonder whether they need to physically touch one another for energy to change form.
And I wonder why I so easily and fully accept that this man can talk with trees.
Of course he can, I thought, of course.

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