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Tiny Beak

Meet these unfinished and playful thought starters. Each is an unwritten story or advertisement, the earliest sign of life–that moment when the lights inside an egg turn on and a tiny beak breaks open its shell…

  • Lil Roar: meow like you mean it 
  • Grow a unibrow garden, an orchid of peach trees 
  • The smell of a city at dusk–the ryst on fire escape, trusted by happy babies since 1968
  • Darsatha, surrender not behind your colorful cloak, arise, awaken, daughter become 
  •  Last April was the cruelest month yet, when the crops died, and my cat died, and the teacher who once loved my work sold it to an Egyptian cryptographer
  • The confident man sneezed so loudly that his laces came untied and the fat church going woman nearly fainted, crying out for the ‘lord, lord alight mighty’  
  • In the tomb you’re forbidden from seeing, I hide a confession
  • PlowoRam, the easiest way to move the Left to the Right 
  • A sparrow landed on the water turning the red crescent moon’s reflections into silent waves 
  • Eyes under flaps of skin, eyes beneath the puff flesh, a hungry soul makes herself known 
  • We did not know he was an evil man when we invited him in
  • The stillness of constant motion, repeating itself so smoothly and quickly as if it did not exist 
  • the little girl’s red balloon snapped with the wind as a parade of elephants floated by her window
  • The moment before his life ended, Sam remembered the blueberry yogurt he left out of the fridge 
  • refracted in each rain drop a flattering copy of nature’s best portrait 
  • Wake-fresh—Get 2 more hours of sleep at the blink of an eye
  • The flying submarine you always wanted, now available in yellow
  • Snoper—a dose of dirty dish delivered daily 
  • We were the Nation of Jesus & Meth, of Blue Jeans and BBQs, Monday Night Football and escalators to the Cheesecake Factory 


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