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What We Save

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I moved recently and threw so much away. Boxes with board games, wool sweaters, blenders, toys for kids and dogs, paintings from flea markets, pictures, ads from vintage Life magazines, a broken vacuum cleaner, holiday greeting cards, socks with holes and a cowboy hat to name just a few things. As I created piles for Goodwill, to throw away and for the new place, I found myself not just sorting items into categories, but actively looking for a certain thing to save…The small notes I wrote on napkins, the line of poetry scribbled on a meeting agenda, a ticket stub meant so more more to me than most of what I owned. Why is it that it’s not until you get to throwing away items and sorting them that you realize how important they are?

This made want to bring these reflections and notes into my life more often… And it also now reminds me of a story a close friend told me. She asked me about my favorite restaurant, and I told her. Then she said how often do I eat there, and the answer was far less than many other restaurants I frequent monthly. You think if it were my favorite I would visit it more often?

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