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Job Wanted

Trees near Chambord Castle, originally uploaded by włodi.

Things I will do for $5
Stand behind a subway car in the rain
Wait for a light to turn red then green then red
Ask a river why it turned to ice
Introduce myself to a stranger with the opening line, “I am Theo, you must be Sarah.”

Things I will do for $500
Rake the leaves from the yard in your country home
Plant a pond near the park bench where you once sat and read by old trees
Avoid chocolate for a week unless there is no alternative
Watch the black and white movies you love of your grandparents at Disneyland

Things I will do for $5,000
Parallel park a truck in winter near the embassy
Dress as a kitten, goat or white rose for an hour
Photograph green roofs, eat green M&Ms and chase green
Sit alone without a pen or computer for a day

Things I will do for $500,000
Walk 3,100 miles and learn Korean, Arabic or Hindi well enough to sing a song
Make a fire and live in nature like Thoreau for 100 days
Write letters to you every day that open the worlds you’ve closed
Fix the slow fire that causes you to question you self worth and replace it with silence

Things I will do for $5,000,000
Introduce myself to a strange with the opening line, “I am Theo, you must be Sarah.”
Rake the yellow leaves from your country home
Sit alone learning what makes the world open, or talk with you
Introduce things that give meaning to you, a new one each week, for the rest of your life


Inspired by: http://www.npr.org/2011/02/13/133685461/craigslist-poster-will-do-anything-for-a-price

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