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1. Listen to your favorite song when you wake up in the morning.

2. Wear fuzzy, super-comfortable socks the entire day.

3. Turn everything off for 20 minutes. And walk.

4. Write or call someone under 11 years old or over 72 years old.

5. If you have a journal, flip it open to a random entry. If you don’t, open your email. Search a few years back, find one you like, and read it.

6. Read One Global Chef and pick a recipe to make.

7. Light a candle; say a prayer or bring an intention to mind that matters.

8. Decide one thing you’re going to do next weekend that you’re looking for to.

9. Do a Barnes&Noble: stack a book, cup of tea, read and enjoy.

10. You know that person who you want to write a letter to? Draw a picture instead. Take a photo of it and email it their way.

11. Write a note to yourself, fold it small and hide it (in your wallet) – dated for the future.

12. Call your best friend from High School just to say hello.

Offered with love.


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Happy Hanukkah

This song is beautiful. Of course, it’s a prayer. It brings me back to childhood; it brings me there with grace. When we were little, we played games and opened gifts. My favorite gift, perhaps of all time, was My Little Monster. 25 years later the details of those gifts fade, but not the associations of spending time with family, of lighting the candles and feeling at peace remain. This song returns me there; hopefully, it’ll take you to a place of similar joy.


Here’s a picture from my house where we’ve merged celebrations and traditions.

Screen Shot 2012-12-08 at 6.56.14 PM

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I loved theater and acted and directed in high school and college. Now I find myself, without even meaning to, attracted to listening to actors and directors, as well as their coaches, talk about their method. I’m fascinated by how they develop characters, the attention paid to language and the body and their willingness to be vulnerable. In the future, I may get back into acting. I am unclear now how I would do that, but the intention is there…

Here’s a video I found insightful from a well regarded acting coach with a keen insight on human behavior:

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