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Delhi 5

Candle for Damini-RIP, originally uploaded by ramesh_lalwani.

Like you, I was deeply horrified by the gang rape in Delhi which took place a few months ago. I wrote this poem inspired by that day.

Delhi 5
My dear daughter

Your heart cannot hold the story of this moonless midnight
when nation hide
the bus rode
and evil men made pig noises
with cold metal and warm flesh

My dear daughter
they will ask why the nation hide
they will ask
when she lay on the sidewalk, did she see eyes or shoes?
They will ask why so many averted their eyes

My dear daughter
there are things I will not tell you about that night
I simply cannot
things i do not want you to know
things your heart cannot hold

Let the prayers of children guide you
Let the ancient song of mothers and daughters protect you

Always remember when we did not know her name
And she was our daughter too

Always remember when we hid from our daughter
And she was our daughter too

You will ask me about that day
I was not there
And It is forever with me

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nuances, originally uploaded by paul bica.

Answer this sacred call.
Respond to notes you have never heard but know so well in a place beyond your memory.
Be called forth, arise, come into stillness from the midnight’s air, come into form.

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Eagle With Prey!, originally uploaded by VinothChandar.

If I had been born an eagle, could I utter the name of God?
In the low grassy marsh, they would search for me.
Legends would be created for my wings, my soar, and I would have no concern for greatness, or comfort, or anything

other than the gentle descent of these wood colored feathers falling closely to the heart.

In the hour of wonder, before the sun melts into the hills and man turns on his lights, I will be watching from the highest branch which can hold me.
I am the keeper of the space between heaven and water, only the tribal warrior song can rouse me from my slumber.

I do not know the word wind, I only know the wind.
I am beyond death and have no fear of it.
Do not call me fearless.
It is my legacy to seek.
It is my legacy to consume without polluting.
In the stillness before man wakes, I find my music.
His fire attracts me. His fire invites me.
With the ancient voice, he evokes my name.
A place without time, hidden within themselves, they who seek me, follow their wonder.

They who seek me follow me into the low grassy marsh.

-Zach Braiker

Inspired by a Song: Huun Huur Tu – Song of a Lonely Man

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