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From the Washington Post’s interview with the DC Sniper.

Rarely do I quote from people I don’t respect. Something about this sentiment, said from this particular person, made me want to capture it here.

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This is one of the most beautiful, colorful, and heartful movies I’ve ever seen. It’s on my list of the top 25 movies of all time. A deaf man in India, with the charismatic energy of Roberto Benigni, falls in love an unattainable young lady, who can’t overcome her parents and societies pressures to accept his marriage proposal. Their paths cross throughout their lives, as she becomes the wife of a successful but emotionally unavailable man, and he finds in his childhood autistic friend, a beautiful woman worthy of his love. Scenes are filled with music and passion: each is a painting; each is a poem.

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Sun in My Eyes

The sun is in my eyes. That’s exactly where it needs to be. Shortly now, the sun will set and the holiest day of the year will begin. I’m deciding now whether or not to fast. It makes sense, fasting that is, actually changing your state of mind which forces you to think differently during a holy day. Then there’s the productive discomfort of a day without food.

What is a day without food? Especially when our fast ends, with the next days, and others remain in the state of fast without their choice. The fast connects us to something more universal, something basic and human.

And the day itself is about atoning for sins, a forced pause to reflect on actions committed, thoughts cultivated and transgressions committed.

The sun is in my eyes, exactly where it belongs.
Welcome, this clarifying light.

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outcome vs. intention

There’s a vast difference between outcome and intention. Outcome driven thinking, and approaches, drive towards goals explicitly. They are “head-driven,” and feel linear to me. Intention thinking can achieve an outcome; however, in a much different way, through mindfulness and focus. The former (outcome driven) is like planning exactly where a tree will go in the yard and planting it right there. The latter (intention) is cultivating a seed, watering it love, and letting that seed grow as it will.

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