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I stumbled across a fragment I wrote years ago, “it doesn’t go away——you just forget to look at it.”

How many things we forget to look at every day. Sometimes, we have intentionally hide them–they are too painful, too powerful, too destructive to encounter. These may include what we have lost, what we have become, or what we imagined we would be and the many places we fell short. We forget. We forget to look. We forget what really matters to us.

How often do we take down the books we display so proudly on our shelves which shape who we are, these colorful signifiers of identity, how often do we reread them on Sunday afternoons while drinking tea?

We claim to love to write, listen, and stand present with ourselves and with nature: inhaling the fragrant air, exhaling its beauty, noticing time pass, discerning between what is longed for and what is calling now.

When we look at what is always there, suddenly we will find a sense of significance, an order thriving beyond the moment.

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