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Street of Dreams

One fine day Sreeranj Sreedhar’s photography appeared on my Twitter feed. At that time, I didn’t know who he was. I closed my browser and poured myself a cup of tea. I realized several minutes later that his images stayed with me—like the after taste of a favorite ice cream. So, I returned to Twitter to find them. 

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@SREERANJ’s work feels so personal to me that it’s almost like my own memory.  Every other year or so, I travel to India. The worlds I’ve encountered there fill me with curiosity, contradictions, and a collision of the senses. 

In the Matrix

@SREERANJ’s images give me the visual language to express to others what I see and feel in India. He’s self-taught. He’s honed his instincts to use light to find and tell the story.  He bring us intimately close to his subjects. His work is more than beautiful; it is visceral. The moments he bring us to are not “captured,” they unfold in us—as if we were there to witness them ourselves. 

Others have seen what I see in his work. He’s been recognized with dozens of International rewards and serves as a founding member of the In-Street Collective.

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