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A few years ago, a group of audio researchers testing how the sounds in an office impact employee performance and mindset. They found that the interact of noisy devices and people gave each office a sound signature as distinctive as a scent.

Now that many of us are working from our homes, the soundscapes have changed. Have you noticed how this has impacted you? I certainly have.

The suburban sounds of lawn mowers, crickets, children riding their bikes,  the predictable arrival of the postal truck at 2pm have replaced the city sounds of cars honking, buses exhaling, and coins jingling in a cup.

The motion of the home: its switches, stoves, and doors replaced the low purr and constant buzz of background noise coming from the office.

If you’ve felt this way and want to take charge of your soundscape, consider this site I’m alternating between crickets, rain and coffee shop noise; the latter is reserved for writing briefs.

What soundscape has worked best for you?

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