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“the body will ache. the body will pain. you are not dying when this happens. the body will deceive you.

wait it out patiently. slowly. give it space to play
its tricks on you.

don’t fight back. when she needs your attention, it won’t be a whisper.

then, you will respond.
with grace or alarm.
you will know what to do.
now, let the body be the body

seducing you with false promises of concern” -ZJB

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Take Me


Take me somewhere, anywhere, not here.
Take me to the river where we walked as children,
or your dad’s deli, where I waited for you to finish your shift: hair up, apron stained with mustard.
Take me to the bookstore, where you stole for me for the first time,
or to the back of that spacious Cadillac, where I learned you.

Take me somewhere, anywhere, not here.
Not to the summer of silence we agree never to discuss.
Not to the year where I was the awkward kid, the bullied kid, the cowardly kid afraid of his own body, or to the years where I thought I was so much more than I am.

Not to where I lost you, after the days by your side praying in all the language and traditions I know, for a few more days with you.
Don’t take me there.

Take me to you, impossible as that is.
Not to the promise of you, or objects you once touched where your fragrance lingers in the air like a scented ghost.
Take me somewhere, anywhere, not here, anywhere will do, as long as it’s near you.
Take me.

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