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Funeral thoughts

I attended a funeral tonight of a man who made people laugh, who was honest, joyful and real. It was an honor to call him a friend. Unlike any funeral I have attended, the joyfulness of his life was felt in the room. When the speakers spoke, they shared experiences that all pointed to the joy he brought to this world. One of the speakers was a lifelong friend, and as adults their families spent time together. This speaker said of his friend, “you were the father that I wanted to spend my fatherhood with.” That really moved me.

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Random acts of kindness, originally uploaded by merfam.

I found this picture on Flickr when looking for an image to illustrate a random act of kindness that just happened to me. A small thing really, a grocery store clerk saw what I wanted to buy, knew there was a coupon for it and scanned it for me without me asking. He did not expect to be recognized, and he didn’t do it for praise either. This small act gave me a big idea. What if instead of simply focusing on inspiring ideas and big sentiments for this blog, also including the small moments when things like this inspire me. I believe that collecting them in one place, celebrating them really, will be good. So, tell me about your random act of kindness story?

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