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The context for this stunning poster is explained in this NPR piece. However, like all great works of art, this piece lives beyond its immediate context, providing a message resonate both in India and around the world, one that calls to woman to share their stories and raise their eyes to the stars.

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Beautiful #IWillGoOut poster by @aruna_sekhar and @shilo1221 for Fearless Collective. #YesAllWomen #WhyLoiter pic.twitter.com/2kzkkQ90q8 — Point of View (@povmumbai) January 6, 2017

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Imagine you have not yet been born. You are asked questions about the type of life you will have. Answer the following questions with this in mind. Maybe you are fated for a happy life filled with love, or one of misery and sacrifice. Go with what comes to mind and see the life develop through how you answer these questions. Take no more than 7 minutes, and let me know what you find.

  1. Where are you born?
  2. What is your gender?
  3. Describe your mother in 5 words.
  4. Describe your father in 5 words.
  5. What year (past, present or future) will be be born?
  6. What is your religion?
  7. What challenges do you face?
  8. What gifts have you been given?
  9. What secrets will you be born into?
  10. What are the expectations of your success or failure?
  11. How will you be comforted when you are sad?
  12. What disappointments will you encounter?
  13. What about the world will baffle you?
  14. What will be taken from you?
  15. What will you want to change about yourself?
  16. When you dream of a better life, of what will you dream?
  17. What will they say about you?
  18. What will you be forbidden from?
  19. How will you rebel?
  20. Who will you love?


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